What are Wizard Internet Software™? They are cgi-scripts that are installed on and run directly from a website and managed via a Web Browser. We call them Wizard because they're very simple to use, regardless of experience. In fact, they practically run themselves.

How can they benefit me? Now even small businesses with limited resources can have dynamic, interactive, revenue-generating websites just like the big guys!

What makes them different? They're in a class of their own with almost no competition. They're flexible, feature-packed and easy to use. They're not just products that we sell, they're products that we use to power and automate our own websites. If we are successfully using them to create new Internet revenue streams, then you can to.

Are they hard to install? We install them for you at no extra charge.

What if I don't have a website? Don't worry. We are here to help. If our products sound like something you can benefit from, we can host them for you using the domain name of your choice.