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Your website will not be on someone else's domain.com/yourname. We can register a new domain name, or use one you already own. You can host it with us, or we can install it with your host. We offer a plan that fits everyone’s needs!

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Upload images from disk, CD, DVD, Picture CD, memory card reader, digital camera, scanned photos, etc... The software does all the work so you don't have to!

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Managing your Website is a snap using the Web-based Control Panel. Create unlimited albums to organize and display your photos. Personalize each with its own title, theme & much more! See Pricing for # of albums included with each plan.

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Visitors to your site will first see your Home Page, which displays a preview of your albums. Personalize this page with text, links, a background theme and more!

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Width, alignment, border, background theme, colors, titles, copyright, navigation (text links or dropdown), site accessibility, thumbnail layout and size, photo size, album position, photo position and more! All without experience, just point-n-click!

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Each album can be customized with its own name, photo frame, music, background theme and thumbnail photo. These settings are automatically applied to all photos in an album. You can even apply settings to individual photos as mentioned below.
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Each photo in an album can be customized with its own title, description, mouse-over text, photo frame, music and background theme.

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Besides being able to adjust the brightness and rotate photos when being uploaded, you can easily add the following special effects to photos in your albums: Emboss, Detect Edges, Charcoal, Raised Edges.
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A WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) text editor enables you to easily add and format text. Just enter text & apply formatting such as font, size, color, background, bold, alignment, links, bullets & more. No experience needed!
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Easily make specific Albums or your entire Website private, requiring login before viewing. Private Albums are displayed in italics making them easily recognized.

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Include any of the following features on your Website.
  Automatically display albums with cool transition effects!  
  Any photo to be turned into a fun puzzle!  
  Any photo can be morphed!  
  Any photo can be sent as an eCard!  
  Visitors can view and sign your own guest book!  
  Visitors can contact you by filling out a simple form, plus automatically add themselves to your Address Book!  
  Visitors can instantly send an email message to friends with a hyperlink to the page it was sent from!  

Create an address book and send emails to individuals or entire lists (i.e: family, friends)! Visitors to your site can even add themselves to your address book. It’s easy to communicate and keep people updated as changes are made to your site.
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Export your entire Website or just specific Albums to your computer for offline viewing. This powerful feature is great for burning to CD or DVD and sharing with friends and family, or to use a handy backup. (Not available in $14 package)
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With the Photo URL feature you can easily obtain the URL or HTML of photos in your site. You can then insert it into websites such as auctions to display photos without having to upload them. Save money since you don’t have to pay sites like ebay® to upload additional photos. Create separate albums to organize all of your auction photos!
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See how many times an album and each of its photos have been viewed. See how much space an album and each of its photos takes up.
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Experienced HTML users can easily access the raw HTML templates to edit and customize the pages within the Website even further.

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  Select from a variety of picture frames to dress up your photos!
  Set music to play with albums & photos, or even upload your own!
  Set colors or themed background images for your home page,
albums, and photos. Even upload and use your own!

If you are a member of our Affiliate Program, you can turn on the optional affiliate banners and earn commissions promoting PAC to others.
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All you need is Internet access and a PC to run the EZ Upload Software. No experience necessary! Included is a Quick Start Guide, Help Files, plus Help Icons next to every feature. Simply place your mouse over the icons and a complete description of the feature appears. Also included is unlimited support!

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You'll receive a link to download the EZ Upload Software, which will make the process of uploading photos very simple. Run it from any Windows® Computer!

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Easily locate and select images of almost any format from your computer, or any drive connected to your computer such as memory card reader, CD, DVD, or digital camera. It's as simple as selecting photos and clicking Upload! They get uploaded right into your Inbox ready for you to manage from your Web-based Control Panel!

Almost all film developers offer the option to receive your pictures in digital form, such as on a Picture CD for a couple dollars extra. You can then just insert the CD and upload the picks in a snap! You can get this done at most Walmart, Target, Sams, or Drug Stores etc..
  • Easily adjust the brightness and rotate photos before uploading!
  • Photos are automatically converted to the correct Web format (.jpg)!
  • Photos are automatically reduced to your specified size for a consistent look!
  • Easily launch your Album or Control Panel with a click of a mouse!


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