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If youíve seen companies (usually your competition)
selling a product that includes a free website and wondered
how you can do the same, wonder no more . . .

Offer Free or Fee-Based Websites

To offer your customers their own websites prior to SiteReplciator Wizardô you had to either be an Internet guru with a lot of extra time, or a large company with a lot of extra money. SiteReplicator Wizardô levels the playing field for all. It's simple and inexpensive enough for new net-preneurs, yet powerful and flexible enough for demanding Internet gurus.

To become a successful marketer, you should have at least one high-profit product or service to offer your customers after the initial sale. This "back-end" income is usually the difference between a company that is just "getting by" and a company that is "highly profitable". Providing a website your customers can use to promote the product or service they just purchased from you is probably one of the best and most profitable items you can offer. You can charge a one-time, or a recurring monthly or yearly fee.

Websites are the ultimate item to offer as free bonus because they have a high perceived value and a low cost. Providing customers with free websites to promote your products or services shows them that you are serious about helping them succeed. It also saves them time and money because they wonít have to do it themselves.

Cost Effective and Profitable
With an average Web page size of a 15K, you could replicate over 75 4-page websites on only 5MB of server space. Since your cost per website is pennies, you can afford to give them away for free. If you charge $95-$195 a year per website, you can earn $7,125 to $14,625 - and that's just for the 5MB. This is why so many companies are offering websites - and you need to be too.
Who Can Benefit From SiteReplicator WizardTM?

Entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers
Boost sales dramatically by offering personalized websites your customers, resellers or dealers can use to promote products they purchase from you!

Offer them for free to add value, or charge an additional hosting fee and earn pure profits. Even use them to create a "deluxe" version of your product! Use websites you create or have created, or websites that were included with products youíve purchased!

Earn additional income offering your own add-ons such as autoresponders, email aliases, counters and banners!

( Tip: If youíre part of any affiliate programs you can dramatically increase your banner and link exposures by including them on your replicated sites! )


MLM Companies and Affiliate Programs
Give members/affiliates their own personalized websites including user-specific data such as ID#ís, links and banners! Easily communicate with individuals, groups or entire organizations using built-in broadcast email! Manage multiple website designs for use with different levels, products, regions, or even different programs! Replicating sites are simple, quick and automatic, enabling you to focus on growth! (This is not affiliate, MLM, or order tracking software)

Product Developers
Include a website with each product that you develop and market! Offer turn-key dealership packages, which include order-taking websites! Create a generic website-on-disk for each product and include it as part of the marketing tools you provide to your customers and resellers. You can then offer optional hosting and even pay your resellers a commission for clients they provide! If you allow resellers to copy and use your own website, you can instead offer them a personalized hosted version. This is a great way to provide instant marketing solutions for your resellers in an environment controlled by you.

Who has bought a resellable product from any of the above people! Anyone who has the need to replicate, personalize and manage one or more websites! Anyone who wants to create and distribute their own digital-website-products! Anyone who wants to add a highly-profitable new revenue stream to their resellable or reproducable product line!

Other Creative Uses and Benefits

Use it to instantly distribute "unique online products" which you can offer for free or for a fee. For example, actual websites that are products in itself, such as: free-for-all-links; e-books;e-coupons and premiums; specialized content and downloadable items. You can create your own website products using products that you already own, like software, reports and books. Once you create a website product, you can have SiteReplicator Wizardô instantly create personalized versions for your customers at no cost to you!

If you promote a product with reproduction rights, not only can you offer customers a standard marketing website, but you can offer them a complete order-taking website package where their customers can instantly download their purchase. You can charge a premium for this website, or offer it as a "deluxe" package. There are different way to accomplish this on a replicated site, but the simplest is by creating a download page that is not linkable within the main site, and then when orders are received, the website owner can send an email with instructions and the link to the hidden download page. You can save space by having all replicated sites access the product from one location, or you can have the product replicated with each site.

Charge companies a fee to replicate and host websites for their customers. You can charge a one-time setup fee and then price websites individually, or in lots of 10 or more. For an additional fee you can even help them design the website.

Once you experience the simplicity and power, we are confident that youíll be coming up with your own innovative ideas and we look forward to hearing about them!

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