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SiteReplicator Wizard
SRW = SiteReplicator WizardTM

Works with both Unix/Linux and NT/IIs based servers.
Free Installation: At no extra charge we install and test it on your current website, or a new one that we provide and host.
Easy-to-use: All functions and settings are accessed via your secure Admin Panel, directly from your browser. No need to edit scripts or files.
Secure password protection: Only yourself and people you authorize can access your Admin Panel to replicate websites or perform other admin functions.
Online user manual: Accessible from each page of your Admin Panel.
Built-in smart upload feature: Uploading your master websites (images and pages) to the correct locations is a snap - just point and click! (Perfect for users not familiar with FTP.)
Setup unlimited master Web centers and replicate unlimited websites for each: SRW can easily manage and replicate as many master websites as you like, enabling you to offer a different website for each product, or even various website designs for each product. Websites can have as many pages, images and features as you design into them.
Short simple URL Web address: Other programs create search engine unfriendly and hard to remember URLs, but not SRW. Your sites will appear like: www.domain.com/product/customer.
Instant website replication: Simply select the master website to replicate, enter website name and customer details, select a start and expiration date, then press the Replicate button. It's that simple!
1-step instant website personalization: One of the most powerful features is the ability to personalize each website as it is being replicated. There are a total of 14 different Customizing Tags that you can add to your master Web pages. Each tag has a Text Box associated with it on the Replicate page, and the text that you enter into it will appear wherever the tags are located. For example, to have a customers company and email appear at the bottom of each page, you would add the Company tag and Email tag to the bottom of each master page. Now, each time you replicate a website, the program will (at your option) insert the company and email text wherever the tags are located.

There are 9 pre-defined tags and 5 user-defined custom tags: Email, Name, Company, Street, City, State, Zip Country, Phone, Fax, Custom 1-5. The five custom tags offer you the flexibility to add additional items to each website that can change with each customer, such as: copyright, prices, dates, privacy policy, customer ID/codes etc.) Each of the user-defined tags can also include hyperlinks, which can be used for text banners, links to other sites, link to a secure order page, navigation, downloads, etc. You can even use them to dynamically change the URL link of a banner, which is great for affiliate or MLM programs. Since the programs inserts your text wherever the Customizing Tags are located, you can even replace portions of a URL if you like. All this is done on-the-fly, instantly as you replicate each site. You can even edit them at any time just as easily.

Easily edit, delete and renew websites: Right from the Admin Panel.
Save Server Space: You have the option of copying only Web pages (not images) to each replicated site. Each site would then reference images from one master location, saving valuable server space. With an average Web page size of 15k you could replicate over 70 4-page websites on 5MB of space.
Instantly update images on all sites: Changes made to current master images will automatically appear on all replicated sites.
Auto HTML image remapping: This powerful time-saving feature will automatically remap the HTML image paths in your Web pages to reference images stored in the master image directory. This feature enables existing websites to reference all images from one master location (for use when you don't want images copied to each site).
Automated confirmation emails: A confirmation email is automatically sent to the customer after a website is replicated (the Admin has the option of receiving it also). Each email is automatically personalized with a customer's name, a link to their new website and the expiration date. You create your email message easily from your Admin Panel.
Automated expire emails: An optional expire email can automatically be sent to you and the customer prior to a website expiring. You set the amount of days prior to expiration an email is sent. Emails are personalized and created as mentioned above.
Automated website deletion: You select whether or not websites are automatically deleted upon expiration. When using the "expire email" feature, you can include renewal instructions and also let customers know that their site will automatically be deleted upon expiration if they do not reply.
Broadcast Email: From your Admin Panel you can easily create and send emails to selected websites or all websites. This special feature lets you instantly communicate with your customers and resellers. It's perfect for important announcements and special promotions.
Powerful reporting features: With a click of a button you can produce and print reports for each of the following: - Any selected website - All websites in a selected Web center - All websites in all Web centers. Websites and emails are linkable from within the reports.
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