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SiteReplicator Wizard

We developed it as our secret weapon. . . and now itís available to you. We use it to effortlessly generate high-profit revenue streams and are confident that you can do the same. Itís easy-to-use right from your Web Browser and loaded with powerful time and money-saving features you wonít find in any other program.

  • Quickly, easily and inexpensively replicate and host unlimited websites for each of your products and/or services.
  • Personalize and add unique data to each website on-the-fly as it is replicated.
  • Automatically send out confirmation and renewal emails, produce reports, track expirations and delete expired websites.

Free Installation.   Simple to Use.

We can install it on your current domain website, or a new one that provide and host. Like all of our wizard internet products, SiteReplicator Wizardô is simple to use and runs directly from your Web Browser.

To learn more, visit our Overview page.

Most servers meet these requirements. Contact your server
administrator if you are unsure. Contact us if you have any questions.

  1. Unix or NT based server running Perl 5.0x
  2. Ability to run CGI scripts
  3. Use of sendmail or SMTP server (for email feature)
  4. Ability to run a cron job. (see FAQ for more info)

We offer full-featured Web hosting to meet the above requirements.



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