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Itís not a self-replicating website program like the ones used by MLMíers as a recruiting tool to build downlines and to track orders. In fact, itís unlike any program youíve seen or used.

It's a multipurpose replication program that enables you, the administrator, to replicate, personalize, host and manage unlimited websites - right from your browser! Itís mainly designed for Webmasters, Internet marketers and Product Developers for the purpose of offering marketing websites to customers purchasing their resellable or reproducible products.

These marketing websites can be included for "Free" to add value and boost sales, or used as an "add-on" or "back-end" to generate a pure-profit revenue stream. Your cost per website is only a few electrons and about a minute of your time.

You replicate the site from your browser-based admin panel, an email confirmation is automatically sent to the customer, and the site expiration is automatically tracked and managed. Since it replicates a master website that you provide, orders are handled however you decide. If you're like us, you'll want customers to receive and handle their own orders, so that once you replicate their site, you have nothing else to do. The rest is on autopilot! The beauty of this product is the ability to make it work for you and your business. If you want all orders to go to you, it's simple enough to add a unique customer code to each site, so you know who to pay a commissions to.

To offer your customers, dealers or resellers their own websites to help promote products or services they purchase from you. By offering a ready-to-use marketing website (for free or for a fee), you not only provide them with the tools to succeed, but give them more of a reason to purchase from your company.

People that purchase your resellable products with the intention of marketing them will want their own website. In fact, you can count on it (especially if they purchased it from your own site). The most common types of sales and marketing materials included with resellable products have been sales letters and ads - but thatís not enough anymore.

You are losing business and an
additional revenue stream if you don't provide ready-to-use hosted websites.

  • Net-savvy entrepreneurs are offering or including websites with their resellable products and services. If you donít provide a website for customers to use, they may copy yours without permission, or buy a similar product from your competition that does. The average consumer does not have the time or experience to create a website.
  • Our experience has proven that in order to be successful marketing resellable or reproducible products, you must provide customers with the correct tools. If they see your product as an "instant solution" including "everything needed to get started", they will purchase from you and remain loyal customers.
  • If your business model requires customers to purchase resellable products at wholesale, then providing a quality marketing website will help make both of you more money.
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