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WebAD Wizard

Easily run an automated ad mall featuring deluxe full-page photo ads!
Can be used as a standalone website, or as an addition to a current site!
Customizable for your specific needs, industry, location, or concept!
Offer free or fee-based targeted advertising, from two weeks to a year!
Generate a high-profit, recurring revenue stream selling Internet ads!
Help promote other products or services that you offer by including an ad in your mall [either as part of the package, or as a free bonus]!
Enjoy increased website traffic from visitors searching your mall and from advertisers promoting their ad and web address in your mall!
Make a current website more interactive and sticky by adding the mall as an additional feature!
Promote your own products, services, or websites via banners, sample ads, and regular ads!

Anyone without a lot of computer/Internet experience, or with limited funds to invest, but wants to start an online venture.

Anyone who wants a ready-to-use business website and online income opportunity.
Website owners wanting an automated way to offer visitors their own editable Web page and URL address.
Anyone with a website that wants to increase traffic, add new features/content, and generate advertising income.
Anyone wanting an easy-to-manage website to promote their local city, town, or community. (i.e. local guide / directory / marketplace)

Companies needing an instant and cost-effective way to implement a branded online venture, consisting of multiple websites (ad malls).

Anyone wanting to increase sales of, or, ad value to a product or service they currently offer.

Income Generator: Create recurring revenues selling ads.
Premium & Incentive: Add value & boost sales of other products
Free Marketing Vehicle: Insert your own ads and banners.

Income Generator

  • Make money selling highly-profitable full-page photo ads.
    You set the ad durations and pricing. Let's say that you charged $10 a month, $50 for 6 months and $99 per year. If you sold 1000 one year ads, that would be $99,000.

  • Make money selling banner space and Sample Ads.
    There are seven banners that are meant to be used by the mall owner, but you can rent the space to others. The same applies to Sample Ads

  • Make money selling WebAD Wizard's.
    There is a built in affiliate banner that can generate commissions for you when our affiliate program begins. (This is optional)

Premium & Incentive

  • If you promote other products or services, you can utilize your mall to add value and increase sales of these items. Offering a FREE Internet ad is a powerful incentive for people to purchase your product or service. You can bundle it, or offer it as a free bonus.

  • Successful Internet marketing is being fueled by the power of offering something for FREE. The problem is finding innovative items to offer that your customers will value and will be of little or no cost to you. An editable full-page Internet ad and Web address in your mall is the perfect freebie. Even better is the fact that it's automated. All you have to do is point them to your mall and they place, update and renew the ads themselves. You also benefit from the increased traffic.

  • To take it one step further, you can even create your own online or off-line certificates which can be redeemed for a free Internet ad in your mall. You can use the certificates yourself, or even make money selling these certificates to companies who can use them as a premium.

Free Marketing Vehicle

  • You can promote your own products and services 3 different ways.
    1. Place up to 7 banners that will appear on all pages.
    2. Place regular full-page ads.
    3. Place Sample Ads.

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