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WAW = WebAD Wizard™
WAW is loaded with powerful features you will not find in any other program.

> General Features
> Automated Ad Mall Website Features
> Secure Administraton Panel Features

General Features
The Best Looking Full-Page Photo Ads on the Web: Each ad can contain; a title, two headings, two descriptions (900 characters each), company information, 3 hyperlinks, as well as a large color photo! All displayed in a clean and attractive format on a Web page all by itself.
Easily Branded and Customized to Fit Your Mall Theme: Add your own logos, banners, links, company and copyright info. Customize all emails, instructions, descriptions, categories and advertising info. With all this flexibility, you can create the type of mall theme that best fits your needs. For example, a mall for merchants in your town, city or state; or a specialized mall such as antiques, sporting goods, collectibles, real estate, autos, classified ads, biz-opps, software, B2B, community marketplace, etc.. We even have clients that create multiple branded malls. The sky is the limit!
Cutting-Edge Technology:  Unlike static websites, it is a powerful data driven program.
Fast, Free installation:   We install, test and send your Getting Started email usually within 24-48 hours from order completion!

No Configuration Files to Edit: All settings are easily managed via your Browser. No server access or scripting necessary!


Easy-to-Use. Get Started Instantly:. If you can browse the Internet, you can begin placing ads and personalizing your mall instantly!

Free Upgrades: Same version updates are always free. Next version updates at a discount!
Run it From Virtually Anywhere: It is Web based! No software to install or products to ship. All you need is Web access & a Browser!
Online User's Manual & Unlimited Support: Includes a Getting Started section to get you up and running quickly and step-by-step descriptions with pictures.
Secure:  All passwords are stored encrypted and each Admin Panel session is logged, and then closed when completed!
Automated Mall Website FeaturesBack to top
Your Own Domain Name: Use your current domain name, a new one that we register, or even use one of ours! (Subscribe packages only)

Professionally Designed Website:  This premium website is the “frontend” of your mall where ads can be searched, viewed, placed, edited, renewed and deleted.

Built-in Search: Visitors can search ads by keyword(s) or ad number!
View Category Specific Ads: Visitors can view ads by individual category or all categories!
Programmable “Home” button: Link it to the mall home page, or to the home page of your main website!

Display Up to 7 Banners:  Even rent the space!

Create Unlimited Ads: Each website can create an unlimited amount ads. If you purchased WAW for $495, you would only need to sell five $99 one-year ads to recover your investment! You can even create unlimited ads with our $39/mth Subscription package, but only 3000 ads can be published at any one time. If you are lucky enough to have 3,000 $99 ads running, that would be a yearly income of  $297,000.  At $39/mth, your cost ad cost is less than 1.5 cents each!

Instant Web Addresses: Every advertiser automatically receives their own Web address (URL) that can be used to access and promote their new full page ad in your website mall!


Simple Ad Navigation: Multiple ads are first previewed on a ‘Summary’ page. You then click an ad to view it in full. From each ad you can easily navigate to the ‘Next’ ad, ‘Back’ to the previous ad, or ‘Up’ to Summary page again.

Automated Ad Placement: Customers easily create, submit and update their own ads 24/7!
Automated Ad Renewal: Renewal emails can automatically be sent and include the expire date, renewal cost (if any),  payment instructions, and a link to your Update Ads Control Panel!
Automated Ad Deletion: Deleting of expired ads is automated!

Automatic Invoice Screen: Advertisers receive a printable invoice screen which includes:  personalized thank you, ad#, ad URL link, ad password, ad duration and expire dates, selected category(s), ad cost, payment instructions, and the ability to upload a photo!


Automatic invoice email:  A confirmation email containing much of the above information is also sent to advertiser and the administrator!

24-Hour Update Ads Control Panel:  Using their ad number and password, an advertiser can easily update ad text and photo 24/7! Other features include the ability to renew or delete an ad, as well as change an ad password!
Customizable Payment Solutions: The method of payment, payment instructions, and order form link that appear on the Invoice Screen and Invoice Email are editable and created by you. Use it to link advertisers to your own order form or payment site, or to the free secure order system that we provide.  (To accept credit cards you will need a merchant account, which we can help you obtain.)

Exclusive ‘Sample Ad's:  Showcase your products, while at the same time educating potential advertisers about how incredible their ad will look in your mall!


Free Mode / Paid Mode:  Free ads are instantly viewable in the mall. Paid ads are not viewable until payment is received and the ad is marked as paid. Both modes can be running at the same time!

Secure Administration Panel Features Back to top



Set the Admin Invoice Email address.

Set the URL for the Home navigational button.
Set your company info, contact info, copyright info, email, website.

Set the Page Title text, which appears in the top title bar of Browsers.

Set the META Tags (Keywords and Description).
Set the Top Red Text that appears above the logo on all pages.

Upload and select your own Top Logo to appear on all pages.

Upload your own Top Left Image, or select from the 8 included.
Edit the Intro Text (or HTML) that appears on the main page.
Set the Text Below Place An Ad (text or HTML) on the main page.
Enable up to seven banners to be displayed.
Turn on/off an optional affiliate banner.
Select which Ad Style to use, and whether to use Borders in ads. 
Set the currency symbol to be used.
Set ad duration(s) and price(s). (2wks, 1mth, 3mth, 6mth, 1yr)
Select whether new ads are displayed first or last.
Set the number of days before an ad expires the renewal email is sent.
Set the number of days before an ad is deleted if not paid.
Set how many categories an ad can be posted to.
Set the maximum file size for uploaded ad images.
Set the Thank You text to appear at bottom of the Invoice Email.
Set the Invoice Text to appear in the Invoice Screen and Invoice Email.
Set the More Information text (or HTML) on the Place Ads screen.
Set the Contact Us text (or HTML) on the Contact Us screen.

View a listing of all ads in the mall and sort by:
ad#, published status, paid status, expire date, customer name,

Publish and mark ad(s) paid. (After you receive payment).
Delete ad(s)
Temporarily suspend ad(s) from being published.
Publish ad(s) if suspended.

Set the category Sorting Mode. Display categories by:
Alpha (alphabetical), Custom (select position), Unsorted (as entered)

View a list of all categories in their current sorting order.
Easily add/edit/delete unlimited categories and optional descriptions.
Add/edit/delete Sample Ads..

Broadcast Emails: Easily create and send emails to all advertisers, or just opt-in advertisers. Great for sending announcements, special promotions, etc.

Export customer information fields from the ad database. Perfect for creating mailing labels.
Change an advertisers password. Perfect for lost passwords.
One-click to view your website in a new window.
One-click to clear log files to conserver space.

Force Auto Renew/Delete: One-click to start the automated program that checks and sends renewal emails, and deletes expired sites. This feature is further automated if we were able to schedule a cronjob on your server. A cronjob automatically runs the program once each day. If you host with us, then both features are enabled.

Change Your Admin Login Password.
View Your Mall:  One-click to launch your website.
Find out how you can benefit from WebAD Wizard


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