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Never has it been so easy to customize and run your own automated advertising website. What used to require the expertise of a Webmaster, Programmer and Administrator, can now all be accomplished by anyone that can access and browse the Internet - such as you!

Before WAW, if you wanted to offer visitors a way to place ads on your website, you were limited to classified ad programs. The problem is that the ads are too small and are displayed with so many other ads. More importantly, they lack automated features and are difficult to customize, setup and use.

The Internet has become a competitive marketplace and in order to be successful, you need to offer value and exceed customer expectations. WAW differentiates you from the competition, giving consumers more of a reason to visit your site and choose your services.


WebAD Wizard™ consists of two powerful
Web-based areas that you access with your Browse

This is a ready-to-use professionally designed website that can be viewed worldwide from www.yourdomain.com. There are 3 main features:

  • View Ads: Ads can be viewed by keyword search or category selection.
  • Place Ads: Visitors can view your Sample Ads and place their own ads.
  • Update Ads: Advertisers can update, edit, renew, or delete their own ads.

This is where you easily customize and manage your mall in a user-friendly
point-n-click environment that anyone can understand. A few features:

  • Settings: Easily brand, personalize and customize your mall.
  • Ad Management: Manage ad status (paid, published, suspend, delete).
  • Category Management: Easily add, edit and delete ad categories.
  • Sample Ad Management: Place, edit, or delete your own sample ads.
  • Broadcast Emails: Create and send emails to all, or opt-in advertisers.
  • Online User Manual: One-click access to the online user manual.

-- You can view each of the above areas in our online demos --



Ad Placement
After placing an ad, the user receives an invoice screen and email, which includes all ad data, amount due, due date and payment instructions. Free ads are instantly published and paid ads are not published until payment has been received. When payment has been received, you access the Ad Management screen and mark the ad paid. If payment is never received, the ad is automatically deleted.

Ad Maintainance
Advertisers can easily edit, renew, delete and upload a new photo to their ads 24 hours a day, all without your assistance.

Ad Renewal
Prior to an ad expiring, a renewal email is automatically delivered. If desired, the advertiser can instantly renew the ad and will receive an invoice and payment instructions. If an ad is not renewed, it will automatically be deleted after the expiration date.

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