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Special $100 discount!
(Own it for only $395)
Take $20 off our subscriptions.
Just mention the $20 off special in the COMMENTS section of the order form.

Full rent-to-own details!
$395 Special!
No other fees
Hosting optional
Leasing is no
Longer Available
$60 setup
6 month minimum
Includes hosting!
Free installation on your current domain website, or on a new one that we register and host.
One installation license.
  Free support.
Online User's Manual.
Free same version upgrades.
  6 months free secure order form.
Hosted on our fast servers.
Free domain use
Control Panel
10 email accts.
User's Manual
Free support
Much more!

Own it for $395:
> Unlimited single installation use (1 location), per the license agreement.
> We install. First one is free. Relocations are a minimal fee.
> You can create unlimited ads.
> It can be installed on your current website, or on a new domain that we register and host. We offer special WAW hosting for only $14/mth and up.

Lease: Leasing is no longer available. The best value is Subscription.

Subscribe (to own) for only $39 ($19) or $49 ($29) per month: (on sale now)
Full details and to place an order.

Would you like to purchase WebAD Wizard™ but don't
have a hosting account or domain name? We can help!
(For purchases and leases only. Our Subscription services include hosting)

We offer premium hosting at a discounted price. It's low-priced because we would rather you host with us. While we can install it almost anywhere, hosting with us assures compatibility, upgradability and the fastest support.

If you need hosting only for use with WebAD Wizard™ (and not building web pages), then our $14/mth plan is all you need. It's high-speed hosting with plenty of space for 1,000's of ads. For more hosting information, click here.

We can register your domain names for only $17.00 per year. Just select this option on our order form when placing your order. If you have a domain name, either parked or with another company, we can transfer it for free.

Additional installation licenses can be purchased at a 30% discount. For your best value, purchase five or more reseller licenses. Additional installations with our subscription package are only $20-$25 each.

  1. Verify your website meets requirements (only if not hosting with us).
  2. Review the license agreement: Purchase/Lease, or Subscription.
  3. Order securely online: Purchase or Subscription.

We offer a money-back guarantee if we are unable to install the product on your Web server. Please be sure to check the requirements prior to ordering. In order to install the product, we will need FTP access to your website. If requested, you agree to assist us in resolving any issues in regards to your server environment. Remember to run our live demo so you can try before buying. Contact us if you have any questions.

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