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LIMITED TIME - Save $20 per month!
Get our $39 Subscription for $19/mth! ($79 to start)
Get our $49 Subscription for $29/mth! ($89 to start)

Just follow the standard order links and then in the COMMENTS section of the order form mention the special pricing. We will reply with confirmation.

We offer two packages. The $49 package adds FTP access, which is only needed if you plan to build a website other than WebAD Wizard™.

Quick Setup As quick as 2-24hrs after you return the fax authorization.
Your Own Domain.com We can transfer a domain for free; register a new one for $17; or you can use one of ours for free! (See the order form for our domain list)
Month-to-Month If you decide it's not for you, simply cancel your account anytime after the 6 month minimum contract.
Purchase option $99 Buyout after 24 months.
Additional Malls On same domain $20. In new domain $25.
Free Secure Order Form For as long as you subscribe.
WebAD Wizard  
Full version Same features listed.
Up to 3000 Ads Create unlimited ads, but only 3000 listed at one time.
Premium Hosting  
Static IP Address .
Plenty of Server Space . 
Up to 3000 ads
Up to 3000 ads
Plenty of Bandwidth . 
Domain Control Panel Easy Browser-based administration for the features below.
10 Pop Email Accounts (ie: info@yourdomain.com)
10 Autoresponders . 
Unlimited Email Aliases . 
Web Mail Feature Easily access your emails from anywhere.
Graphical Site Statistics . 
Search Engine Submitter . 
Account & Billing management tool . 
Network Trouble Shooter . 
FTP/Server Access To upload your own files/pages.
File Manager Upload/create/edit files and directories from your Browser.
Mailing List Manager . 
Run CGI Scripts .
Site Creator Tool .
FrontPage Extensions . 
Hit Counter Tool . 
MySQL . 
Protect Directories Password protect directories
URL Redirection Manager Allow you to redirect pages on your site to other locations.

What is the the Subscribe version?

It is like renting, except after 24 months you have the option to own it. The fee you pay each month covers hosting and product cost. At the end of 24 months you have the option to purchase the software for only $99. If you want to purchase it earlier, simply contact us then. At this point you can continue to host it with us for as little as $14 per month, or we can relocate it for you. For more details, view the license agreement.

Why choose the Subscribe version?

  • Low upfront costs. No need to come up with $495.
  • No long term lease or credit approval.
  • No need to pay for a separate hosting account.
  • Simply cancel your account after 6 months if you decide it's not for you.
  • Get up and running quickly. Usually within 2-24 hours after we receive your faxed payment authorization.

Best of all, it's Affordable!
No where else can you get a professional, automated,
income-generating website that can be easily managed from a
Browser for only $39 monthly -- including hosting!

    1. Review the license agreement.
    2. Sign up for our Subscription service!

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