Our Wizard Internet Software are powerful industry-unique programs that empower users to capitalize on the eCommerce revolution. For this reason, they are in very high demand and we are looking for reselling partners that want to be a part of it.

We offer the most flexible reseller licenses in the industry - to fit every need and budget. While other companies choose to market their products exclusively, we would rather focus on the development of new innovative ones. Therefore, we have various ways for resellers to promote our products.

The easiest and most common way to promote all of our products is via our Platinum Affiliate Program. Sign-up is free and you receive your own personal administration center and assorted banners and linking methods to place in your website and ezines.

When a user enters our website from one of your affiliate links, they are stamped as "your" customer. Anytime your customers' visit our website and order products, you receive large commissions. If your customers' decide to become affiliates themselves, then you'll also receive commissions on all of their sales.

Once you send a visitor to eCommerceToolbox.com, we do all the work. You don't have to worry about following up, taking orders, shipping, installation, or support. Join our free Platinum Affiliate Program today!

For companies looking for more customized "hands-on" solutions, we offer the following resller licenses:

Wholesale licenses can only be obtained for products that you've already purchased at retail. You can then pre-purchase licenses in volume, which are installed by us as you need them.

They're perfect for companies wanting to use our products on more than two domains/servers, and for companies wanting to earn larger profits for taking control over the sales process. You do the advertising and take the orders, we handle the installations and the support. We will provide you with a website for you to customize and use.

  You pay Regular You pay Regular
PhotoAlbumCreatorTM $750 $1475 $1300 $2950
WebAd WizardTM $1609 $2475 $2722 $4950
SiteReplicator WizardTM $ 809 $1245 $1370 $2490

Not valid with any other discounts.
Price are subject to change. Wholesale Licenses are non-refundable

Contact us if you are interested, or have any questions.

Webmaster Licenses are for companies wanting total control over the advertising, sales, installation and support process.

The fee includes your right to make original unedited copies of the software, which you can then sell at any price you like. Each copy that you distribute will need a registration serial number to activate it upon installation, which is obtained from us for a small fee.

We provide support directly to you and do not interact with your customers. You are responsible for supporting the product. How you manage the installation process is up to you. We will provide you with a website, sales tools and original documentation and instructions.

Certain criteria must be met in order to obtain this license. We reserve the right to change, limit or cancel this offer at any time.

License Cost
Cost per
Serial Number
PhotoAlbumCreatorTM $2,250 $45
WebAd WizardTM $3,495 $75
SiteReplicator WizardTM $1,795 $35

Rebranding Option:
For an additional fee of approximately $2000, we can rebrand the software interfaces (what the users see) to use your product name, copyright information and links where applicable.

Contact us if you are interested, or have any questions.


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